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Zhongze Trade areas covers energy metallurgy, steel building materials, petrochemicals, textile raw materials, metal minerals, grain and oil and other import and export trade. At present, with the larger the scale of the real industry of Zhongze Group and the release of the production capacity of the Inner Mongolia Metallurgical Integrated Project, the scale of the commercial system has been continuously expanded accordingly. Zhongze Trade as a whole launched the international, port, inland trade industry, has initially formed a commercial base with Tianjin, covering Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin and other places, with the radiation of Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other regions of the domestic and foreign supply chain trade industry network, forming a benign ecological development.
    Zhongze Logistics is based on the construction of a reasonable allocation of resources of ecological bulk logistics system, offline layout of physical logistics complex transport network, online launch of the internet intelligent logistics service platform, the two linked to form a matching core, remodeling the circular new ecological logistics cluster. The physical logistics business is fully laid out in the Northeast and North China regions, and gradually expands southwards to the whole country, builds a complex intermodal logistics network, and integrates the intensive logistics business of the supply chain upstream and downstream in an orderly manner. Online logistics is committed to building a "Logistics+ Internet+ Supply Chain" as the core of the intelligent logistics ecological service platform, based on warehousing and transportation, logistics information and logistics finance and other services, to carry out industrial chain value-added services, to form an intelligent logistics sharing economy.

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