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Twenty-five Years of Social Responsibility for the Zhongze Group
Tens of Millions Donation, More than 10K People Employment While the company grows and develops itself, Zhongze G...
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Tens of Millions Donation, More than 10K People Employment

While the company grows and develops itself, Zhongze Group never forgets to repay the society, contributes to the local economic construction and revitalize traditional industries, and is enthusiastic about social public welfare and charity work. Contribution, the accumulated donations over the years are worth tens of millions of RMB.

During the SARS period in 2003, Zhongze Group actively donated money and materials worth hundreds of thousands of RMB; It also took the lead in sterilizing more than 400 vehicles of its subordinate Zhongze taxis, and delivered more than 100,000 passengers for free.

In 2005, Zhongze Group donated 400,000 RMB to build a Hope Primary School for poor mountainous areas. Over the years, Zhongze Group has donated nearly 2 million RMB in donations to support schools and campus assistance. Every year during the college entrance examination and the middle school entrance examination, Zhongze Taxi insists on "sending the examination with love" for the candidates free of charge.

After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and the Yushu earthquake in 2010, Zhongze Group organized various enterprises to make donations in the first time, and raised 6.38 million RMB in the shortest time to help the people in the disaster area tide over the difficulties and rebuild their homes with love.

Jilin's "7.28" flood in 2010, Zhongze HOROC donated 10 million yuan to support the disaster area while they were in the disaster situation.

In 2010, Zhongze HOROC funded the construction of "Sky Eye Project" for local public security organs; donated nearly 4 million RMB to purchase a full set of firefighting equipment and vehicles for the fire brigade in Hongqiling Town.

In the summer of 2012, Liaoyang suffered the biggest flood in history. Zhongze Group reached out for the first time and donated 3 million yuan to local people in distress. At the same time, Liaoyang Knitting and Yingkou Knitting actively raised clothing, produced clothing for disaster relief overnight, and quickly sent clothing worth 2 million yuan to the disaster area.

In July 2017, Jilin City was continuously hit by torrential rains, and a huge flood that exceeded the historical record occurred. Jilin Ferroalloy and Jilin Carbon actively implemented the instructions of Zhongze Group and donated 3.33 million RMB to the disaster area.

In recent years, Jilin Daheishan Molybdenum Industry has donated 540,000 RMB to the Armed Police Force and more than 1.2 million RMB to the Yongji County Charity Federation and Education Bureau. Siping Silver has invested more than 300,000 RMB to support local afforestation.

Persisting in kindness for 25 years and the love has been passed down to millions of people, the public welfare undertakings of Zhongze Group are endless. The people of Zhongze devoted their love to the local people with practical actions, which demonstrated the social responsibility and public welfare of private enterprises, and showed the company culture that Zhongze Group insists on developing and not forgetting to return to society.

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