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The Construction of Jitie Jitan Ulanqab Metallurgy Comprehensive Project
On October 22,2017, the foundation laying ceremony of the high-profile Jilin Ferroalloy 3 million tons Ferroalloy ...
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On October 22,2017, the foundation laying ceremony of the high-profile Jilin Ferroalloy 3 million tons Ferroalloy Product Series Project was solemnly held, marking the official start of the investment and construction of the comprehensive project of Jitie Jitan Ulanqab Metallurgy Comprehensive Project by Zhongze Group.

The comprehensive metallurgical project is located in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia. After the acquisition of Jitie and Jitan by Zhongze Group, this is a key project for investment and construction according to the requirements of the national supply-side structural reform and industrial intensive development strategy, followed the five major development concepts, adhering to the industrial transfer policy of the development status, market prospects, resource allocation and related industries of the carbon industry. Including: 3 million tons of ferroalloy series products, 120,000 tons of large-scale ultra-high-power graphite electrode series products and modern coal chemical industry 580,000 tons of methanol products. The project maximizes the integration of production resources and industrial by-products to realize the secondary recycling of energy, and uses transportation, raw materials, finished products, and energy as links to extend the development of the upstream and downstream of the green metallurgical industry chain to make ferroalloy, carbon, and chemical projects interrelated form a synergistic environmental protection comprehensive utilization effect, further reduce investment, production, operating costs and comprehensive energy consumption, and create a green and environmentally friendly iconic enterprise in the ferroalloy and carbon industries at domestic and abroad.

The comprehensive metallurgical project covers an area of 3 million , with a total investment of 13.6 billion RMB, and an estimated annual income of 31 billion RMB, which can provide 8000 jobs. The construction of the project has a great impact on the domestic ferroalloy and carbon industry, which will play an important role in promoting the economic leapfrog development of the Ulanqab region and leading the revitalization of China's ferroalloy and carbon industry.

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