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Zhongze HOROC Group to support Tonghua anti-epidemic love donations
Zhongze HOROC Group to support Tonghua anti-epidemic love donations of 1 million yuan
2021-03-22中泽集团 浏览(5)

On February 4th, Zhongze HOROC Group donated 1 million yuan to Jilin Tonghua Charity Federation during the epidemic prevention and control period, demonstrating the social responsibility and mission of Zhongze Group and producing a good social influence in the local area.

Jilin Zhongze HOROC Group Co., Ltdis a subordinate enterprise of Zhongze Group.Zhongze Group in the enterprise development and growth of their own at the same time, always don't forget to return society, to help the local economic construction and promoting the traditional industry with great power, and enthusiastic social public welfare and charity work, in the process of building a harmonious society to make a positive contribution, over the years accumulated donated money worth tens of millions of yuan, to solve more than one job.

At the beginning of this year, Tonghua, Jilin Province, a new coronavirus broke out. More than ten enterprises of Zhongze HOROC Group are distributed all over Jilin Province.With a high sense of political responsibility and mission, enterprises took active actions, responded quickly, and worked with the local government to fight the epidemic together.In the epidemic prevention and control, all enterprises of Zhongze HOROC Group attach great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic with one hand and the production and operation with the other.Comprehensively strengthen the publicity and guidance, to ensure that the staff thought stability and enterprise production order;Strictly implement the government's epidemic prevention requirements, to ensure that the enterprise area is not affected by the epidemic;We actively participated in local epidemic prevention work, joined hands with government departments and people from all walks of life to fight the epidemic, stopped the spread of the epidemic in a timely and effective manner, and quickly restored the production and living order in the territory.In addition, Zhongze HOROC Group took the initiative to lend a helping hand and donated 1 million yuan to the Charity Federation of Tonghua County for epidemic prevention and control in the first time, contributing to helping the local government win the epidemic prevention and control war and showing love, which had a positive social impact in the local area.

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