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National standard research and development workstation of ferroalloy in Jitie
The "national standard research and development workstation of ferroalloy" was set up in Jitie ferroalloy
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On April 19, metallurgical industry information standard research institute and Jitie ferroalloy co., LTD., held the opening ceremony of "national standard research and development workstation of ferroalloy" in Fengzhen city of Wulanchabu city, Inner Mongolia.The establishment of "Ferroalloy National Standard Research and Development Workstation" will play a standard supporting and leading role in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and promoting green and high-quality development.

Zhang Longqiang, Party Secretary and President of Institute of Metallurgical Industry Information Standards; Yun Penggang, Vice Mayor of Wulanchabu; Su Lide, Director of Industry and Information Technology Bureau; Wang Qing, Director of Science and Technology Bureau; Wang Zhenhai, Secretary of Fengzhen Municipal Party Committee; Zhang Jun, Vice Mayor; Shi Wanli, Secretary General of China Ferroalloy Industry Association; Lu Chunsheng, secretary general of the National Technical Committee of Pig Iron and Ferroalloy Standardization, and other government departments and industry leaders attended the unveiling ceremony.Ju Zili, general manager of Zhongze Group and chairman of Jitie Ferroalloy, Guo Jun, party secretary and general manager of Jitie Ferroalloy, Bai Sen, deputy general manager, Han Yongguang, Fu Xueshan, Liu Wei and deputy chief engineer Liu Bing attended the unveiling ceremony. The party secretary and general manager Guo Jun presided over the ceremony.

Jitie Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China's ferroalloy industry. Over the years, Jitie Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. has been committed to the preparation and revision of national and industrial standards and the development of standard samples.We have made fruitful achievements in scientific and technological innovation and standard research and development. We have compiled and revised 112 national and industrial standards, including ferroalloy product standards, ferroalloy sample preparation standards, and ferroalloy analysis standards.A total of 121 varieties and grades of ferroalloys and raw materials of national and industrial standard samples were developed.It provides detailed data support for ferroalloy production enterprises, users, national metrology institutes at all levels and third-party testing institutions for instrument and equipment verification/calibration, value transfer and trade transactions.The number of revised standards and standard samples developed by JTFE ranks first in the domestic ferroalloy industry. JTFE has obtained the accreditation qualification of the standard material/standard sample producer by the China National Accreditation Committee for Confirmation Assessment, and is also the designated research and sales unit of metallurgical standard samples approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Set up "the Jitie ferroalloy ferroalloy" national standard research stations, aims to further enhance the capacity of ferroalloy standard created, forge a ferroalloy national standard research and development base, relying on Jitie capacity and scale advantage adequately, play to the role of the "standardized + metallurgical industry", boost ferroalloy standard cultivation and development, to lead the industry standardization construction, Accelerating the replacement of old drivers of growth with new ones is of great significance in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and achieving high-quality regional economic development.

At the unveiling ceremony, Dai Qiang, the assistant dean of the Institute of Metallurgical Industry Information Standards, read out the approval of the establishment of the "national standard research and development workstation for ferroalloys" by Jitie Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.

Ju Zili, General Manager of Zhongze Group and Chairman of Jitie Ferroalloy, made an important speech.He said: The establishment of the "iron alloy research and development of the national standard workstation" shows that our country ferroalloy field in standardization work has made gratifying achievements, but also herald Jitie ferroalloy will take on greater ferroalloy national standards system of research and development and revision work, constantly create a standard research and development of scientific and technological achievements, using standard guide the transformation and upgrading of ferroalloy industry, and promote the development of green industry, Improve the overall level of product quality and environmental protection ability.

Subsequently, Shi Wanli, Secretary General of China Ferroalloy Industry Association, Zhang Jun, Deputy Mayor of Fengzhen City, and Zhang Longqiang, Secretary of Party Committee and President of Institute of Information Standards of Metallurgical Industry, delivered speeches successively to congratulate the establishment of "National Standard Research and Development Workstation for Ferroalloy" in Jitie Ferroalloy.

Finally, the party secretary and president of the Institute of Information Standards of Metallurgical Industry Zhang Longqiang, the deputy mayor of Wulanchabu Yun Penggang, the party secretary of Fengzhen Wang Zhenhai and the general manager of Zhongze Group and the chairman of Jitie Ferroalloy Ju Zili jointly inaugurated the "national standard research and development workstation for ferroalloy".

After the unveiling ceremony, the participants had an in-depth discussion on topics such as high-quality development of the enterprise and future cooperation development direction.

This time, the establishment of "ferroalloy national standard research and development workstation", is an important milestone in the standardization of ferroalloy work.Jitie Ferroalloy will comprehensively promote the construction of standardization system, help the cultivation and development of ferroalloy standards, and lead the industry standardization construction to a higher level.At the same time, we will intensify research and development of standards in new materials, new technologies, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and consumption reduction, comprehensive utilization of resources, and circular economy.To create a national first-class production and research base of ferroalloy products, and contribute more to promote the innovative development of the industry and regional economic revitalization.

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