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Six enterprises of Zhongze Group have been recognized as high-tech enterprises
Six enterprises of Zhongze Group have been recognized as "high-tech enterprises" by the state
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In recent years, six enterprises subordinated to Zhongze Group, such as Jitie Ferroalloy, Jilin Carbon, Jimeng Carbon, Jien Nickel, Jilin Daheishan Molybdenum and Jilin Zhuochuang New Materials, have been recognized as "high-tech enterprises" by the state, which marks that each enterprise has reached a new level in terms of scientific and technological innovation strength and intellectual property development.

High-tech enterprises are the important basis for the development of high-tech industries in China and play a very important strategic role in the economic development of China.The recognition of hi-tech enterprises, is the national important measures to increase policy support for science and technology enterprises, is to guide enterprises to adjust industrial structure, improve the independent innovation ability and the focus of the work, is the core of enterprise independent intellectual property rights, science and technology achievement transformation ability, research and development, organization and management level, growth index and talent structure, and many other aspects of a comprehensive evaluation and identification.The state has strict requirements and certification and approval procedures for the applicant enterprises in terms of their own qualifications, scientific and technological research and development strength, business status and development ability.

Jitie Ferroalloy, Jilin Carbon, Ji en Nickel and other enterprises have been recognized as "high-tech enterprises" by the state, which indicates that each enterprise of Zhongze Group has a certain status and technical authority in its industry, and has laid a solid foundation for further enhancing the brand image of the enterprise, improving the market share of products, capital value and so on. It provides a fundamental guarantee for enterprises to accelerate the pace of innovation and improve the innovation system.Zhongze Group requires all enterprises to continue to speed up the process of scientific and technological innovation and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, constantly improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises and the potential for healthy and sustainable development, and make positive contributions to the revitalization of China's real industry and high-quality economic development.

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