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Xinxiang Jien into emergency flood relief
Recently, heavy rainfall caused a huge flood in Henan province. Xinxiang Jinen, a subsidiary of Zhongze Group, to...
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Recently, heavy rainfall caused a huge flood in Henan province. Xinxiang Jinen, a subsidiary of Zhongze Group, took the initiative to undertake social responsibility, immediately donated money to the local area, and immediately invested in rescue and relief, to contribute to the protection of Xinxiang.

Xinxiang Jien New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Xinxiang City, Henan province, is a local key construction enterprise, for many years to help the economic development of Xinxiang has made unremitting efforts.On July 16, Henan province was hit by the worst flood in a millennium. The floods have affected 13.66 million people in 16 cities, including Zhengzhou and Xinxiang, and destroyed 55,000 houses.After the rainstorm disaster, the disaster in Henan affected all the staff of Zhongze Group, and the love of Zhongze enterprises distributed in more than 10 provinces (cities) kept flowing to Henan.In particular, Xinxiang Jien , which is in the hardest hit area,, quickly organized and counted the disaster situation of the employees of the enterprise, and actively prepared materials and condolation funds, so as to solve the practical difficulties of the employees affected in time and help them rebuild their homes.And the first time to the Charity association of Xinxiang County Civil Affairs Bureau donated money to help rescue and disaster relief in Xinxiang.

At the same time, Xinxiang Jien set up the emergency rescue headquarters, assembled the team urgently, organized the young and middle-aged volunteers in the factory to set up the flood control and protection factory team and the flood fighting commandos of guarding hometown, and participated in the flood control and protection work of enterprises and the flood fighting and rescue work of Xinxiang county and city respectively.Under the leadership of enterprise leaders, the factory protection team dredge the sewer pipeline day and night, investigate hidden dangers, strengthen defensive measures, assign special personnel to be on duty, prevent the key areas such as workshops, sections, electrical workshops and other areas from flooding, resulting in losses;In order to prevent the outbreak after the disaster, the protection team fully cleaned up the residue of the factory after the rain, carried out carpet disinfection, and created a safe production environment for enterprises to resume work and production.

Xinxiang Jien dispatched experienced and able members to form a flood fighting assault team to guard their hometown, carrying rescue equipment and living supplies such as rubber boats, sandbags, disinfection and disinfection materials, self-heating lunch boxes and other supplies to Xinxiang city to support the local flood fighting and disaster relief.They went to the front line in reverse, Shouting the slogan "Xinxiang refueling, Xinxiang will win", and went all out to pack sandbags and carry sandbags, and build human walls to build embankments for flood control.Covered with mud, sweat on the face of the interpretation of the outstanding team brave and fearless.They know every dangerous situation in time, where need where to go, become the mobile sandbag of flood relief, from inxiang County communist canal to Xinxiang City Muye Lake, Rainbow bridge, everywhere left Xinxiang Jean flood commandos rushed rescue figure.

All the staff of Xinxiang Jien did not panic in the disaster, saved themselves orderly and selflessly, which was praised by Xinxiang city (county) government, all walks of life and local people, showing the enthusiasm of Xinxiang Jien staff to love the company and hometown, and reflecting the social responsibility and great love of Zhongze Group.

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