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Zhongze Group held a mid-2021 working meeting
On July 31, Zhongze Group held the 2021 mid-year working meeting, which was attended by more than 170 people, including group leaders, staff of various departments and leaders of enterprises.
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On July 31, Zhongze Group held the 2021 mid-year working meeting, which was attended by more than 170 people, including group leaders, staff of various departments and leaders of enterprises.

General Manager Ju Zili made a summary and analysis of the group's work in the first half of 2021, and reviewed the construction of investment projects and business management in the first half of the year.The 3 million tons ferroalloy of Jitie FerroalloyJilin carbon and Jimeng carbonJien Nickel 60,000 tons of nickel sulfateReconstruction and expansion of Daheishan molybdenum mining and beneficiation projectJitie Ferroalloy molybdenum deep processingThe construction and operation of Zhongze new building materials molybdenum tailings comprehensive utilization projectSure each enterprise take the initiative to adapt to the outbreak of normalized and industry market change, adjust the management ideas and management methods, comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading, continuously optimize the industrial structure, the overall regulation operating rhythm, mining resources reserve advantage, improve management ability and the economic benefits, ensure production running smoothly to the good results as a whole.At the same time, it points out the problems and deficiencies in the operation and management of the group enterprises.Arranged the key work in the second half of the year:First, we need to rapidly promote the construction of key projects, release the advantages of resource reserve, form the extension and development of the industrial chain, and continue to develop a new array of modern industrial systemSecond, enterprises should continue to innovate and create efficiency, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and create a new situation of sustained high-quality development of the real economy.Third, we should grasp the good opportunities of market economy, industrial structure adjustment and steady development of the group, actively expand the channels of investment and merger, and continuously expand the scale of the group;Fourth, we need to have a deep understanding of the great spirit of party building, inspire the confidence and strength to make great strides, and let listening to and following the Party become the lifeline of the Group's development.

At the meeting, 5 enterprises respectively made the key work report of the first half of the year.The construction situation of methanol production by comprehensive utilization of electric furnace tail gas is introduced inRuizhi Modern, Neimenggu ;Royal Canadian Mines introduced the key work and the continuous improvement of economic benefits in the first half of the year.Siping HOROC Silver industry introduced the continuous improvement of production and operation level, the stable development of the enterprise to the good situation;Chaoyang Heavy duty introduced the progress of the relocation and renovation project and completed the production and operation responsibility target in the first half of the year.Xinjiang Hongji coking introduced the restructuring of the cost of substantial reduction in recent years, the first profit in recent years.

Finally, Chairman Yu Zeguo made an important speech. In combination with the current international and domestic political and economic situation changes and the group's operating conditions, he analyzed the four external environments that have great influence on Zhongze Group:First, the continuous spread of the global epidemic has had a certain impact on the construction and development of the group's enterprises.Second, the continuous deterioration of Sino-US relations has increased great difficulty for foreign trade and investment of group enterprises.Third, the national target of "carbon peak and carbon neutral" has provided more development opportunities for the group enterprises.Fourth, the country to achieve the well-off in an all-round way to the group enterprise transformation and upgrading structure adjustment put forward new requirements.These external environment influence is huge, long-term group enterprises should attach great importance to, fully aware of the gravity of the difficulties and challenges we meet and difficulty, want to take the initiative to adapt to environmental changes at home and abroad, seek new development opportunities in the change, resolutely put an end to paralysis of thought, make full normalization, epidemic situation complicated phase of mergers and acquisitions investment and production operations.

The chairman sorted out the thinking of the group's future development. He pointed out:In the new historical period and new development stage of the centenary of the founding of the Party, the group enterprises must grasp the rare development opportunities, timely transform the group development mode, and make every effort to build the existing enterprises and projects.It is necessary to rapidly promote 5 million tons of ferroalloy, nickel-related industries, molybdenum mining and beneficiation, molybdenum chemical industry, molybdenum products and tailings comprehensive utilization projects, fully release the advantages of resource reserve, continue the economic growth trend, and achieve sustained high-quality development.

The chairman also identified the way the group would develop, stressing:Politically, we must keep to the right political direction, always listen to the Party, follow its lead, and show gratitude to the Party. In law, we should stick to the bottom line of law, and never do "transaction" when conducting major transactions;In management, we should adhere to the road of green and safe development; In terms of management, it is necessary to improve the organizational structure, improve system control, and implement transformation and upgrading.Group of companies to be more sturdy construction and development of confidence and determination, give full play to the system of flexible mechanism, rich stock of resources, controls the opportunity ability strong advantages, such as hard work, difficult to overcome, to accelerate the pace of the clean energy industry transformation, speed up the construction of key projects construction forming process of the new economic growth point, strengthen the innovation and the kinetic energy of the stable sustainable development, We will form a green development model with China's characteristics.


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