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Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd. was founded in 1952, is one of the156 key projects  in national “one five" period , is China's first carbon production enterprises, enjoys the cradle of China's carbon industry reputation. The annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of carbon, products mainly include graphite electrodes, graphite anodes, carbon blocks, pastes, special carbon products, carbon fiber products, etc., widely used in metallurgy, chemical, machinery, electronics, medical, new materials and other fields, products are sold to more than 300 enterprises  in domestic and abroad, more than 40 countries. Jilin Carbon has the national-recognized enterprise technology center, China's carbon industry new product research and development center, new technology application center, product testing center and export product inspection center, passed the national high-tech enterprise skilled enterprise skilled enterprise salutation, " Jilin Carbon " brand trademark was assessed as China's well-known trademark. In 2015, Zhongze Group acquired and restructured Jilin Carbon, carried out the transformation of institutional mechanisms and product transformation and upgrading, the enterprise's research and development strength, production capacity, economic benefits and brand influence continuing to improve, achieved a substantial profit.
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