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Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co.,Ltd

Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 1960, headquartered in Panshi City, Jilin Province, is a mining, mineral processing, smelting, refining, chemical in one of the large-scale nickel, copper, cobalt non-ferrous metal production and processing enterprises, products applied in electroplating, chemical plating, battery materials, metallurgy and other industries, the main product "JIEN" brand nickel sulfate was identified as "China's well-known trademarks." Under the jurisdiction of Chongqing Jien, Tonghua Jien, Xinxiang Jien, Boyan New Materials, Zhuochuang New Materials, Yarong Technology and other more than 10 subsidiaries. Enterprises have been identified as national high-tech enterprises, innovative enterprises, and has a national enterprise technology center, product marketing network covers the whole country and exported to Japan, Korea and other countries.

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