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Canadian Royalties Inc

Canadian Royalties Inc. was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Montreal Canada. In 2009, Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co., Ltd successfully acquired Canadian Royalties Inc. for C$192 million, the first time a Chinese company has publicly acquired a Canadian listed company in accordance with Canadian market rules.

In 2007, Canadian Royalties Inc launched the Nunavik copper and nickel project, a large-scale project that combines exploration, mining and mineral processing. The project mine contains open-pit mine and underground mine, with an annual volume of 1.62 million tons of ore. The standard of project mineral processing plant and mine construction design is high, and the designed production time is 330 days / year - 340 days / year. The area around the project has decades of mining development history, road traffic construction is good. In 2010, Nunavik copper and nickel project begins construction, in 2014, the project is officially in commercial production. In 2018, the annual volume of ore processed was 1.627 million tons, nickel concentrate production was more than 120,000 tons, copper concentrate production: more than 60,000 tons, precious metal production (palladium + platinum + gold) 3.51 tons, cobalt production 699 tons.

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