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Jitie Ferroalloy was Rated as the Key Laboratory of Ulanqab City
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Recently, the laboratory of Jitie Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. was rated as the key laboratory of Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia.

Jitie Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, ferroalloy national standard research and development workstation, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology metallurgical standard sample designated research and development unit and designated sales unit. The national and industry standards revised by the company, the varieties and quantities of national and industry standard samples developed by the company all rank first in the domestic ferroalloy industry.

The main research direction of the Key Laboratory of Ferroalloys is to develop a new generation of ferroalloy production process with the purpose of cleaner production and high efficiency and energy saving. Improve the recycling rate of solid waste (dust ash, slag, etc.). Improve the intelligence of equipment and improve factory automation. Develop the standardization of the ferroalloy industry, especially the double carbon standard, the carbon dioxide emission monitoring of the ferroalloy production process, the carbon footprint and other standard revision work.

In the next step, Jitie Ferroalloy will also apply for the autonomous region-level ferroalloy key laboratory and the national ferroalloy key laboratory step by step. In the future, the construction of the Key Laboratory of Ferroalloy will lead the ferroalloy industry in technology research and development, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, standardization construction, etc., and enhance the energy saving, green development ability and carbon peak and carbon reduction capabilities of ferroalloy production enterprises.

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