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Phase I of Chaoyang Heavy Wind Power Tower Project was put into operation
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On September 19, the first 10MW wind vane tower barrel product was officially put into operation in the Chaoyang heavy-duty production plant.

Chaoyang Heavy Duty Machinery Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in the field of equipment manufacturing of Zhongze Group, the leading products are large-scale building materials machinery and equipment and large-scale equipment in metallurgy, mining, environmental protection and other industries, with comprehensive advantages of R&D design, equipment manufacturing, installation services, import and export business and logistics, etc., and the strength of the enterprise ranks among the most advanced in the national building materials machinery industry.

The wind vane tower barrel project has an investment of 150 million RMB and a design annual production capacity of 80,000-100,000 tons of wind vane tower barrel. After the project is fully completed and put into operation, it can achieve annual sales income of 700-900 million RMB, and profits and taxes of 30 million RMB.

In June 2021, the construction of the Wind Vane Tower Barrel Project of Chaoyang Heavy Duty Machinery officially began. In August 2022, the first phase of the project was completed in August with the ability to put into production, and the operation was achieved in September. The completion and commissioning of the project is of far-reaching significance, marking the transformation and upgrading of Chaoyang Heavy Duty Machinery and its successful entry into the field of new energy.

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