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Jilin Carbon Opened a European International Freight Container Special Train
2022-09-26中泽集团 浏览(35)

On September 23, Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd.'s first European international freight container special train was successfully opened. This is of great strategic significance for further enhancing the foreign trade export and accelerating the construction of a world carbon power enterprise with international influence.

Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd. is the first Chinese carbon enterprises of graphite products research, development, production and sales, which has 70 years of development history, enjoying the cradle of China's carbon industry reputation, and its products are exported to more than 40 countries.

With the strong support of relevant departments, Jilin Carbon opened a European international freight container special train, which was first launched in Russia, consisting of 46 containers, loaded with 1108 tons of goods, and exported 37.73 million RMB. After the opening of the special train, it can broaden the downstream market and help extend the industrial development chain. Through logistics quality and efficiency, trade upgrading and enterprise production and capacity expansion are promoted, so as to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and deeply participate in international trade.

In the future, Jilin Carbon will take the opening of special trains as a new opportunity to continue to increase the development of the Asian and European markets, and strive to build a competitive and dynamic foreign trade industry system.

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