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The Enterprises in Jilin Province of Zhongze Group Fully Resumed
2022-05-10中泽集团 浏览(5)

On May 9, all the enterprises in Jilin province of Zhongze Group, which are more than 10 key industrial companies, resumed work and production, and a number of large-scale investment projects restored construction in an all-round way.

At the beginning of this year, the pandemic situation in Jilin was severe. The enterprises in Jilin area of Zhongze Group strictly implemented various national pandemic prevention policies, and made every effort to ensure production and operation on the basis of pandemic prevention and control. Based on the actual situation, all enterprises have implemented emergency measures that combined the closed management of employees in the factory and continued production and the shutdown of some processes, which ensured the safety and effectiveness of pandemic prevention and the stability of production to the greatest extent. In the first quarter, the economic indicators of all enterprises increased compared with the same period last year.

In May, The enterprises in Jilin Province of Zhongze Group responded to the government's call and actively organized the resumption of work and production. At present, more than 10 key industrial enterprises have all resumed, production capacity has been fully restored, and production is safe and stable. What’s more, a number of large-scale investment projects have resumed and construction is progressing in an orderly way. All enterprises will continue to implement the government's measures and requirements on pandemic prevention and control, fully equip pandemic prevention materials, strengthen institutional control, effectively protect the health of on-the-job employees, maintain social order and stability, and strive for a double victory in pandemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production.

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