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Zhongze Group Held the 2022 Mid-year Work Conference
2022-07-20中泽集团 浏览(6)

On July 16, Zhongze Group held the 2022 mid-year work conference. A total of more than 320 people from leaders and staffs of Group departments and the leadership teams of subordinate enterprises attended the meeting.

General Manager Ju Zili made a summary and analysis of the Group's work in the first half of 2022, and reviewed the construction of investment projects and business management in the first half of the year. Introduced 3 million tons of ferroalloys in Inner Mongolia, 2 million tons of ferrosilicon in Xinjiang, 80,000 tons of graphite electrodes and 150,000 tons of ferroalloys from Jilin Carbon, 120,000 tons of graphite electrodes from Jimeng Carbon, 175,000 tons of methanol from Ruizhi Modern Coal Chemical, and Gene Nickel 60,000 tons of nickel sulfate per year, 100,000 tons of nickel metal hydrometallurgy in Indonesia, mining, dressing and expansion of Daheishan Molybdenum Industry, deep processing of iron and molybdenum in Jilin Ferroalloy and relocation and construction of special alloys, comprehensive utilization of molybdenum tailings of Zhongze new building materials, The construction and commissioning of 12 projects, including relocation and renovation, wind power towers, and “source-grid-load-storage integration” of Jilin Carbon, were progressed in an orderly manner. Mr. Ju affirmed that enterprises actively adapt to the normalization of the epidemic and changes in the industry market, adjust their business ideas and management methods, comprehensively promote transformation and upgrading, ensure that the production and operation of enterprises are generally stable and improve, and consolidate the foundation for the internal development of the real industry. Subsequently, Mr. Ju took stock of the standard construction and safety production work of the group, and arranged the key tasks in the second half of the year.

At the meeting, Jitie Ferroalloy, Jilin Carbon, Jien Nickel, Royal Mining, Daheishan Molybdenum, Zhongze Molybdenum, New Building Materials, Chaoyang Heavy, Zhuochuang Innovative Materials, Wanlian Yida, Baishi Asset and other enterprises have made the technical transformation and operation work, project construction, and technical center construction were reported in the first half of the year.

Finally, Chairman Yu Zeguo made an important speech. He analyzed how the group companies should cope with the changes and better carry out their work based on the current changes in the international and domestic political and economic situation and the group's operating conditions. He also sorted out the economic structure of the group. He pointed out that as an investment company, the group's construction and development mainly consists of two parts, one is the real industry operation, which is a solid foundation for the group's future development. It is necessary to focus on the four pillar industries of ferroalloy, carbon, nickel and molybdenum to expand the construction of industrial chain projects; to focus on smart logistics and equipment manufacturing, to explore the development potential of more industries, and to make Zhongze economic entity stronger and bigger. The second part is the construction of investment projects, which is the engine of the Group's development and growth. The group has identified five investment directions: alternative asset investment, secondary market investment, financial derivatives investment, new energy investment, international trade and mineral resources investment. The five directions of investment development are interconnected and promoted; investment development and entity operation promote each other and develop in coordination.

The chairman also clarified the key work of the group in the second half of the year. He emphasized that the key work of the group in the near future is in two aspects. At present, in the difficult period of complex and harsh political and economic environment at home and abroad, the group enterprises must strengthen their confidence and determination in construction and development, give full play to their advantages such as flexible systems and mechanisms, abundant stock resources, and strong ability to control opportunities, and work hard to overcome difficulties. It is difficult to speed up the development of investment projects, accelerate the construction of key projects, insist on making progress while maintaining stability, high-quality, efficient and sustainable development, quickly form new economic growth points, and build a green and safe development model with Zhongze characteristics.

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